Urgent Support Services

What Constitutes Needing Urgent Support?

Urgent support could be used when you are in high distress or an emergency situation. Examples may include:

  • Thinking of harming oneself or other people
  • Recently experiencing a traumatic event
  • Engaging in self-injurious behaviors
  • Hearing or seeing things that do not exist
  • Being unable to function (i.e. difficulty getting out of bed, change in appetite, etc.)
  • Being unable to wait until next available or scheduled appointment to receive help

If you are unsure if this applies to you, we encourage you to call us at 252-328-6661.

If you are a Pirate in need of urgent support:

Call us at 252-328-6661 (if after 5 p.m. and on weekends, follow the phone prompts to reach an on-call counselor; there may be a wait due to high call volume at times, please remain on the line)

If you are concerned about a Pirate in need of urgent support:

  • Contact ECU Police at 252-328-6787 or call 911 for emergencies.
  •  Make an online report on a person of concern through the Dean of Students Office – ECU Cares (not for emergencies)

What can I expect for an urgent screening?

  • Screenings are completed on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Sessions are relatively brief, usually less than 30 minutes
  • The focus is on gathering information, assessing safety, and developing a plan of action
  • Screenings are not a replacement for therapy but can be helpful in times of need

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