The Basics

What is “teletherapy?”

Teletherapy refers to therapy that is provided by a licensed and certified therapist via a secure video connection. CCSD utilizes Webex to conduct teletherapy appointments. Webex is a university sponsored platform that is HIPPA and FERPA complaint and can be accessed via computer or phone.


Teletherapy services through CCSD are available via phone or video to currently enrolled ECU students who have paid the student health service fee. The student must be residing in North Carolina due to professional licensing restrictions.

Getting Started

If you are new to counseling at our Center, or are a client who is returning after an absence, please call our office at 252-328-6661 to get scheduled for a phone or Webex video screening.

If you are a returning client who has already been meeting with a counselor for ongoing counseling, you may contact your primary counselor via email or by calling our office at 252-328-6661. Your counselor will get back to you to schedule a teletherapy appointment and further instructions will be provided then.

Additional information about our general counseling guidelines, teletherapy privacy measures, and our teletherapy services to review:

What to Expect:

Your First Teletherapy Appointment

  • A counselor will call you from an unlisted number in order to conduct a brief pre-screening to assess for safety, gather pertinent information regarding reason for contacting CCSD, and developing a plan based on your needs. At the time of this pre-screening please be prepared to provide the counselor with your Banner ID, current physical address and emergency contact information.
  • Check ECU email for information and action steps regarding appointment sent by your counselor.
  • Complete online paperwork no more than 1 hour prior to appointment. Paperwork will be reviewed and processed just before appointment time.
  • Click Webex link to access the counselor’s therapy room for session. Counselor will join room at time of appointment.
  • For those doing teletherapy via phone, counselor will call you at appointment time. Please have your phone nearby and be ready to answer at agreed-upon time.
  • Your counselor will verify your identity and location.
  • Your session will last approximately 50 minutes.

Quick Tips for Successful Teletherapy Appointments

  • Identify a safe, comfortable space with limited distractions and ample privacy where you are comfortable speaking about sensitive topics.
  • Ensure reliable internet or phone service to alleviate connectivity issues during your session.
  • Have an environment with good lighting and visibility as nonverbal signals are a significant part of communication.
  • Acknowledge that it may be a bit awkward at first and be flexible in working to learn your counselors style and getting into a comfortable “flow” of conversation.
  • Understand that teletherapy is not for everyone and does not have to be a permanent solution for your mental health needs.

*More tips and tricks on How to Make the Most of Online Therapy

Still Have Questions?

FAQ’s for CCSD Teletherapy 

Can I meet with my counselor online while my significant other, best friend, parent, roommate is in the room? No. Since we’re responsible for protecting your confidentiality, we ask that you attend your online therapy session in a private space, where others are unlikely to hear you speaking with your counselor. Earbuds or headphones with built-in microphones can be additionally helpful but are not sufficient on their own to protect your confidentiality when others around.

Can I meet with my counselor while driving in my car? No, your safety is very important to us. If your car is the most private place you can meet with your counselor, then go for it, just keep the car parked! We ask that you refrain from using Bluetooth in your car (your conversation can be clearly heard from outside your vehicle) and that you park somewhere without people nearby (keeping awareness of your surroundings in mind).

Can my pet be with me during my session? YES! We love our pets and know that you love yours. They’re welcome to join you in your sessions, so long as they allow you to participate AND have not yet learned to speak any human languages. 🙂

Does it matter what I wear to my session? No, so long as you’re wearing clothes, we’re happy!

Do I have to get out of bed for my session? The short answer is “no.”  We understand that you might feel more comfortable in your bed especially when discussing difficult topics. To participate fully in your session, though, we ask that you be clothed (of course) and sitting upright in bed (if you choose to participate from bed rather than a chair or desk).

Question: What are urgent support services? Urgent support services are available to assist ECU students with mental health or emotional concerns that need to be addressed more immediately than on-going counseling. In on-going counseling, you work with an assigned counselor to process big picture issues that impact your life. Most on-going counseling appointments last 45-60 minutes. In urgent support services, you will meet with an available counselor briefly to discuss an immediate concern that can hopefully be stabilized during the session.

Question: When can I use urgent support services? We encourage students to access urgent support services if they are having an immediate mental health or emotional concern. This includes but is not limited to:

Having thoughts of ending your life or ending someone else’s life

Having thoughts of harming yourself or others

Experiencing anxiety attacks or other uncontrollable emotions that you need help de-escalating

If you have been recently sexually and/or physically assaulted

If you are seeing or hearing things that may not actually exist

If you are struggling to provide your own food, clothing or shelter. We can assist you in identifying resources that may be able to help.

Question: What does an urgent support appointment look like? Urgent support services are brief, lasting 15 to 30 minutes. In this session, the counselor will ask questions to better understand your immediate concern and then hopefully be able to provide immediate support to stabilize the issue. The counselor will inquire about your personal safety including thoughts of ending your life or the life of someone else, thoughts about harming yourself or someone else as well as your personal safety related to your current environment.

I’m not comfortable having my counselor see my living space. Is a camera required? While cameras are not always required, they are VERY helpful in counseling appointments because a lot can be communicated nonverbally. If you are worried about your location, try to find a quiet corner where your living space may not be visible or consider using one of the backgrounds provided through the Webex App. If you have other concerns about using your camera, please discuss them with your counselor so we can help find a solution that you feel comfortable with and that maximizes how you and your counselor are able to use our time together.

Additional Teletherapy Resource



Student Mental Health & Wellness

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Uwill, a leading student mental health and wellness teletherapy service. Uwill offers students an immediate, secure, and convenient way to receive teletherapy counseling services should the need arise.

To schedule teletherapy:
Register/login to Uwill and choose a therapist based on your preferences including availability, issue, gender, language, ethnicity. You can also choose a time that fits your schedule with day, night and weekend availability.

Access is quick and easy. You can register and book your first session in just minutes. This service is free to enrolled students. Once registered, you are approved for three sessions. If there is still a need for counseling after the the third session, you can make a request for another through your Uwill account. Your Uwill account also includes Urise. Urise offers free resources on sleep, self-esteem, relationships, stress, yoga, anxiety, and more.

Uwill is Private. Secure. Confidential.

If you need any assistance, you can refer to the Quick Start Guide Student User Guide, or reach out directly to Uwill at You can also call 252-328-6661 or email for more information or to provide feedback on the service.