Student Mental Health & Wellness

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Uwill, a leading student mental health and wellness teletherapy service. Uwill offers students an immediate, secure, and convenient way to receive teletherapy counseling services should the need arise.

To schedule teletherapy:
Register/login to Uwill and choose a therapist based on your preferences including availability, issue, gender, language, ethnicity. You can also choose a time that fits your schedule with day, night and weekend availability.

Access is quick and easy. You can register and book your first session in just minutes. This service is free to enrolled students. Once registered, you are approved for three sessions. If there is still a need for counseling after the the third session, you can make a request for another through your Uwill account. Your Uwill account also includes Urise. Urise offers free resources on sleep, self-esteem, relationships, stress, yoga, anxiety, and more.

Uwill is Private. Secure. Confidential.

If you need any assistance, you can refer to the Quick Start Guide Student User Guide, or reach out directly to Uwill at support@uwill.com. You can also call 252-328-6661 or email grimess15@ecu.edu for more information or to provide feedback on the service.